Tsvetan Momchilov is a music producer, piano / french horn player and composer born in Varna (Bulgaria). He graduated from the The National School of Arts“Dobri Hristov” in Varna,  and received his Bachelor degree from the National Music Academy “Pancho Vladigerov” in Sofia, majoring in French horn playing.

He has played at many Bulgarian orchestras as French horn player, including two years at the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra as well as National Radio Orchestra in Sofia, Sofia Opera and Ballet, the  Philharmonic Orchestras in Varna, Russe and Plovdiv, overseas orchestras like Summerville Orchestra (USA) and others.  He toured with the orchestras across Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, USA, etc.

He has collaborated with many artists like: vocalist Dean Bowman (USA), vocalist Alexandrina Simeon (Germany), drummer Dimitar Semov (Bulgaria), clarinet / saxophone player Stoyan Royanov (Bulgaria), guitarist Chavdar Gochev (Bulgaria) and others.

Tsvetan has passed his craft and love for music by teaching French horn at the The National School of Arts “Dobri Hristov”– Varna.

He is the founder of  Omni’s Cool (Music Production School). The School is focused on developing digital creativity in the context of music, as well as learning how to play piano and developing solfeggio skills. It is also focused on peoples improvisational skills.

Co-founder of the music recording studio  4Rooms Recording Studio.

He is also a co-founder together with the guitarist Chavdar Gochev of Monday Jam – a series of jazz sessions and concerts in Varna and Bulgaria.

Tsvetan is a member of Jazzprofilactika band, which got signed with the Greek label Timewarp Music in 2017 to release their debut album Tick Tock. In 2020, they released the album Ah Yeah! The Funky EP for the same label. This album took first place in Junodownload for a while in the Broken Beat category and third place in the Funk category.

He has also written music for movies as well as songs in various musical genres. His latest tracks have been influenced by his passion for electronic music.

 Tsvetan was  part of of the festivals: Antistatic – International festival for contemporary dance and performance, ACT – independent theatre festival, Plovdiv Jazz Fest in the accompanying program of JAZZTRONICATrizavisim Festival, Moving Body festival, Varna Summer Festival, Balchik Jazz NightsVarna Jazz Days Festival and others.

In 2020 Tsvetan was nominated  for Ikar Awards from the Union of Bulgarian Actors for his participation in the performance Six Love Songs, in the category of Contemporary Dance and Performance. Six Love Songs is a form of a choreographic concert by Jana Pencheva.

In 2019 he created his solo project Chillov. In 2020 he released his first debut Video with the participation of Iskra Prodanova. The project focuses on electronic and experimental music in collaboration with visual artists.

He is the founder of the Online Music Learning Platform The platform has free of charge exercises for reading music notes, guessing notes by ear and vocal warm ups . The vocal warm ups are made in collaboration  with the singer Vesela Morova. The platform is made in collaboration with the saxophone player and music producer Roel Hollander.

He composed the music for the  performance “The Power of S” by Alexander Georgiev, which won  ICAR Award 2022 in the category of Contemporary Dance and Performance.

In 2022 he was chosen by Dance Magazine as one of the four most distinctive contemporary Bulgarian composers of electronic music for the dance and club scene together with Stanislav Genadiev, Emilian Gatsov-Elbi and Ivan Shopov.

In 2022 he also released a new EP called “How Happy We Are”. The music on this EP is influenced by classical, electronic and instrumental music. Also the same year he released a single called “Вървя с теб”  (I walk with you)